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TGA Compliance priorities 2023-2024

The TGA has published its import, advertising and supply compliance priorities for 2023-24, with nicotine vaping products, medicinal cannabis advertising, and the wellness and beauty industries among the focus areas.

A key priority for the TGA this year will be to detect, deter and disrupt the unlawful import, advertising and supply of nicotine vaping products. Young Australians in particular are vulnerable to the risks associated with using nicotine vaping products. The TGA will dedicate resources to help stamp out unsafe access to these products.

The public promotion of medicinal cannabis, psilocybin and MDMA to Australian consumers is illegal. The TGA will prioritise the disruption of the unlawful advertising of these products, through a combination of education, intelligence, and compliance action where necessary.

Any public promotion of these medicines may inappropriately influence demand, disrupt the relationship between patients and medical professionals, and bring disrepute to the industry.

Another priority is to detect and disrupt unlawful advertising of unapproved and high-risk medicines and medical devices used in the wellness and beauty industries, including those intended to alter the body’s performance and appearance. Examples of these products include sports supplements, weight loss medications, IV drips and cosmetic injectables.

Australians seeking therapeutic results may be vulnerable to the sale of substandard and falsified therapeutic goods online or at physical locations by specialist retailers. The TGA has included the detection and disruption of these unlawful imports as another priority area for 2023-24.

Rounding out the priorities is the unlawful import, advertising and supply of medicines and medical devices advertised as traditional or alternative treatments that contain substances that pose a risk to human health and safety.

The identified priority areas are just that – priority areas. The TGA maintains a focus on all areas of compliance around therapeutic goods and manages many individual compliance cases and investigations outside of these priority areas.

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